Email Compression

Sat-mail offers a robust and reliable email solution specifically designed for Internet email and file transfer over satellite phone networks. Sat-mail is state-of-the-art data compression software that delivers email, weather, web, and social media – right over your satellite phone.

  • Satellite Phone Email At Your Fingertips
    With Sat-mail you get all the benefits of a full-featured email service – right over your satellite feed. Mail forwarding and fetching, batch processing, unparalleled compression, crew accounts, vessel tracking, and more.
  • Internet Over Your Satellite Phone
    With XWeb compressed web-browsing you can browse the web with the security of up to 95% compression – and airtime savings. XWeb works with handheld and broadband satellite phones. (Please note that even with compression viewing complicated webpage maybe unfeasible over an Iridium 2.4 kbits/s connection.
  • Social Media – Near or Far
    Update Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter right from Sat-mail. Now your friends can follow your adventures in real time – you can even post pictures (and benefit from the airtime savings when Sat-mail compresses them down).
  • Weather Right To Your Inbox
    Receive GRIB files right to your inbox with Sat-mail. All your weather information needs easily within reach – and with the same batch compression technology that saves you money and time.

Sat-mail Weather: PC and Mac
Sat-mail now integrates with a full-featured GRIB viewer so that you request your GRIB weather files directly through Sat-mail and view them without needing to download and configure different software.

You can receive free GRIB weather files right to your Sat-mail inbox. Once downloaded, you can view them with Sat-mail’s integrated GRIB viewer, or on another GRIB viewing software.

Sat-mail is a unique email protocol designed specifically for the high-latency, low bandwidth conditions associated with satellite phone calls and HF Radios. Sat-mail can also function over Mobile phones as well as standard dial-up and broadband connections.

With rapid connect/disconnect, bi-directional transmission, pre-connect compression, and mid-file restart, Sat-mail minimizes connect time saving you money.

If you subscribe for the service you are provided a new email address for the service.

All the options can be found in our store at Sat-Mail Email Compression


  • Sat-Mail Activation and 7 day service (cannot be extended) – £19.00 Buy Here
  • Sat-Mail Activation and 3 Months service – £71.97 Buy Here
  • Sat-Mail Activation and 6 Months service – £104.45 Buy Here
  • Sat-Mail Activation and 12 Months service – £170.00 Buy Here