Most of the satellite telephone systems we offer have an international satellite telephone number. These numbers can be very expensive to call from home, office and mobile phones, sometimes more than £5 a minute. Plus from some phones that don’t have international calling fully enabled they may not be able to call an international satellite number.

We can offer UK telephone numbers for your satellite telephone so that callers only need to call a regular UK telephone number, normally either included in minute bundles or inexpensive to call and does not require international calling to be enabled by the callers phone company. The cost of the connection to the satellite network is the billed to the satellite phone account at a lower rate than calling on an international satellite number.


Activation charge £125

Monthly line rental £10

Call divert charges:

Iridium £3.00 per minute

Thuraya £2.50 per minute

Inmarsat £3.00 per minute

Globalstar £1.00 per minute

Minimum term 12 months