Track your movements across the world with this Smartphone and Iridium Extreme satellite phone compatible tracking service. 


This tracking service uses Google Maps, and short-burst data to send regular updates of a phones location to web-based tracking platform.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, by either calling 020 7120 0009 or contacting us



  • $30 per device for a standalone account – only one device can be tracked on this account
  • $45 per device for a multiple device account. Multiple devices location statistics can be accessed through a single login.


Sat email is a service that offers a more streamlined and efficient E-Mail system, allowing you to use your satellite phone for even more affordable data transfer.


Sat email offers a robust and reliable email solution specifically designed for Internet email and file transfer over satellite phone networks. Sat email is state-of-the-art data compression software that delivers email, weather, web, and social media – right over your satellite phone.

  • Satellite Phone Email At Your Fingertips; With Sat email you get all the benefits of a full-featured email service – right over your satellite feed. Mail forwarding and fetching, batch processing, unparalleled compression, crew accounts, vessel tracking, and more.
  • Internet Over Your Satellite Phone;With XWeb compressed web-browsing you can browse the web with the security of up to 95% compression – and airtime savings. XWeb works with handheld and broadband satellite phones. (Please note that even with compression viewing complicated webpage maybe unfeasible over an Iridium 2.4 kbits/s connection.
  • Social Media – Near or Far;Update Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter right from Sat email. Now your friends can follow your adventures in real time – you can even post pictures (and benefit from the airtime savings when Sat email compresses them down).
  • Weather Right To Your Inbox;Receive GRIB files right to your inbox with Sat email. All your weather information needs easily within reach – and with the same batch compression technology that saves you money and time.

Sat email Weather: PC and Mac
Sat email now integrates with a full-featured GRIB viewer so that you request your GRIB weather files directly through Sat email and view them without needing to download and configure different software.

You can receive free GRIB weather files right to your Sat email inbox. Once downloaded, you can view them with Sat email’s integrated GRIB viewer, or on another GRIB viewing software.

Sat email is a unique email protocol designed specifically for the high-latency, low bandwidth conditions associated with satellite phone calls and HF Radios. Sat-mail can also function over Mobile phones as well as standard dial-up and broadband connections.

With rapid connect/disconnect, bi-directional transmission, pre-connect compression, and mid-file restart, Sat email minimizes connect time saving you money.

If you subscribe for the service you are provided a new email address for the service.

All the options can be found in our store at Sat-Mail Email Compression



  • Sat-Mail Activation and 7 day service (cannot be extended) – £19.00 Buy Here
  • Sat-Mail Activation and 3 Months service – £71.97 Buy Here
  • Sat-Mail Activation and 6 Months service – £104.45 Buy Here
  • Sat-Mail Activation and 12 Months service – £170.00 Buy Here