Key features: 

  • The compression helps reduce the amount of data that your are sending over the network, if you reduce the amount of data you are transferring it also reduces the time and cost.
  • Another reason is that the email compression is design specifically for satellite applications, this means that it handles the latency (delay) and possible interruptions considerably better than standard methods, again this saves your time and money.
  • And possibly the best benefit is it is considerably easier to set up and get running than trying to configure dial up
  • Sat-mail is state-of-the-art data compression software that delivers email, weather, web, and social media – right over your satellite phone.

Sat Mail

We particularly advise the use of email compression when using email over slower connections, such as Iridium, Globalstar or Thuraya’s slow connection however it can still be useful even if your connection is faster FleetBroadBand or BGAN.

Satellite Phone Email At Your Fingertips

With Sat-mail you get all the benefits of a full-featured email service – right over your satellite feed. Mail forwarding and fetching, batch processing, unparalleled compression, crew accounts, vessel tracking, and more.

Check Primary Email With SatMail

You can forward your Gmail, Mac mail, Outlook email, work email, and almost every other email service to SatMail and then mask your outgoing email address. Your contacts will never know that SatMail is involved.

Weather Right To Your Inbox

Receive GRIB files right to your inbox with Sat-mail. All your weather information needs easily within reach – and with the same batch compression technology that saves you money and time.

Sat-mail Weather available on PC and Mac

Sat-mail now integrates with a full-featured GRIB viewer so that you request your GRIB weather files directly through Sat-mail and view them without needing to download and configure different software.

You can receive free GRIB weather files right to your Sat-mail inbox. Once downloaded, you can view them with Sat-mail’s integrated GRIB viewer, or on another GRIB viewing software.

Sat-mail is a unique email protocol designed specifically for the high-latency, low bandwidth conditions associated with satellite phone calls and HF Radios. Sat-mail can also function over Mobile phones as well as standard dial-up and broadband connections.

With rapid connect/disconnect, bi-directional transmission, pre-connect compression, and mid-file restart, Sat-mail minimizes connect time saving you money.

If you subscribe for the service you are provided a new email address for the service.

Please follow this link to see pricing: SatMail Pricing

Please note: We do not offer technical support for non wifi installations