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  • Mobile Plan – for customers expecting low usage or need to use the in multiple locations.
  • Static Plans – for customers expecting heavy usage from a specific location.

Plan pricing in U.S. Dollars and excludes VAT
Account facilities strictly subject to status


Mobile Static
Line Rental* per Month US$90 from US$4400
Minimum Contract Period 12 months
Included MegaBytes per month 5 from 2000
Data after included allowance used per MByte US$7.00 US$0.55 and less
Calls to landlines globally per Minute US$1.20 US$1.10
Calls to cellular/mobile globally per minute US$1.20 US$1.43
SMS cost ($/message) US$1.00 US$0.59

*US$5 per month discount for Direct Debit payment included


Validity rules have changed, validity is now dependant on the voucher.

PLEASE NOTE: Inmarsat have changed the validity on their prepaid plans, current plans are available whilst stocks last and cannot be be guaranteed until credit is loaded.

BGAN Service Unit Price Measure
Standard IP 9.10 per MByte
Voice Calls to fixed (Landline) 1.00 per minute
Voice Calls to cellular (Mobile) 1.20 per minute
Voice Calls to IsatPhone/BGAN/FBB/SBB 0.76 per minute
SMS 0.50 per message

2016 New Validity Periods

Voucher 500 Units 1000 Units 2500 Units 5000 Units
Validity 180 Days 365 Days

Background IP will have a minimum duration of 50 KB with billing increments of 10 KB
Voice will have a minimum duration of 30 seconds with billing increments of 15 seconds

BGAN Service Cont. Unit Price Measure
Voicemail 1.00 per minute
BGAN Streaming Services
Streaming IP 32 kbps 3.60 per minute
Streaming IP 64 kbps 6.90 per minute
Streaming IP 128 kbps 12.00 per minute
Streaming IP 176 kbps 17.00 per minute
Streaming IP 256 kbps 20.70 per minute
Streaming IP 384+ kbps (XStream) 29.00 per minute
ISDN 7.00 per minute
BGAN Voice to Other Satellite Services
Inmarsat B 3.40 per minute
Inmarsat M 2.90 per minute
Inmarsat Mini-M 2.50 per minute
Inmarsat GAN/Fleet/Swift 2.50 per minute
Inmarsat Aero Voice 4.90 per minute
Iridium Voice 11.00 per minute
Globalstar Voice 11.00 per minute
Thuraya Voice 5.00 per minute
Other MSS Satellite Carriers 6.90 per minute