Terminal Comparison

iSavi IsatHubExplorer 510Explorer 710Hughes 9211-HDRHughes 9202

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$2,399.00Select options

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MSRP: $1,378.85
From: $1,199.00
MSRP: $2,758.85
MSRP: $6,389.78
MSRP: $5,343.69
MSRP: $4,513.55
Base Price
MSRP: $1,378.85
From: $1,199.00
MSRP: $2,758.85
MSRP: $6,389.78
MSRP: $5,343.69
MSRP: $4,513.55
Dimensions179 x 170 x 30 mm202 x 202 x 51.8mm279 x 332 x 52mm292 x 232 x 51mm216 x 216 x 45mm
Portable/FixedPortablePortable and fixed *Portable and fixed *Portable and fixed *Portable and fixed *
Standard IPUp to 384 / 240 kbps
Up to 464 kbps
Up to 492 kbps
Up to 492 kpbs
Up to 448 / 464 kbps
Streaming IPNA32, 64, 128 kbps32, 64, 128, 176, 256 kbps
32, 64, 128, BGAN X-Stream,
32, 64, 128 kbps
Voice and Faxvia WiFi SmartPhone Appvia WiFi SmartPhone Appvia RJ-11, 3.1kHz audio or IP handsetvia RJ-11 (x2) for voicevia RJ-11 (x2) for voice
ISDNNANA64 kbps via RJ-45NA64 kbps via RJ-45
InterfacesWiFiWiFi, USB2 x Ethernet, USB, WiFiEthernet, WiFiEthernet, WiFi
Ingress ProtectionNAIP 66IP 52 (transceiver)
IP 66 (antenna)
IP 65IP 55

From: $1,199.00Select options

$2,399.00Select options

$5,556.33Select options

$4,646.69Select options

$3,924.83Select options

* These terminals can be used to access BGAN Link, Inmarsat’s fixed broadband data service for long-term use
** Asymmetric BGAN HDR streaming rates only

Airtime Plans

We have other tariffs available if these do not your requirements

Get in touch and we can discuss what is best for your requirements

Plan pricing in U.S. Dollars and excludes VAT
Account facilities strictly subject to status

BGAN Monthly Plan

 Mobile Flexi
Line Rental* per MonthUS$80
Minimum Contract Period12 months
Data allowance20 MByte
Data Cost over 20 MByteSee Below
Calls to landlines globally per MinuteUS$1.20
Calls to cellular/mobile globally per minuteUS$1.20
SMS cost ($/message) US$1.00
Activation Charge  US$50

ISDN service is not available

*US$5 per month discount for Automatic payment included

Usage over 20 MByte in a month is charged in blocks, there is a flat fee for any usage that falls within the data bracket.e.g. 490 MBytes would cost US $721
Data Usage in a Calendar Month - MegaBytes
Up to (and including)100 MB250 MB500 MB1,000 MB5,000 MB10,000 MB30,000 MB
Line Rental Cost That Month (USD)*$245$435$721$1132$2305$3070$4540
Background IP will have a minimum duration of 50 KB with billing increments of 10 KB Voice will have a minimum duration of 30 seconds with billing increments of 15 seconds
32 kbps streaming data (US$/min)US$3 
64 kbps streaming data (US$/min)US$6 
128 kbps streaming data (US$/min) US$10
256 kbps streaming data (US$/min)US$15 
384 kbps streaming data (US$/min)US$22.50 
 HDR Streaming (minimum 580 kbps up to 800 kbps)
Half Channel (up) 64 kbps down (US$/min)US$16.50 
Half Channel (up and  down) (US$/min)US$21.50 
Full Channel (up) 64 kbps down (US$/min) US$25.05 
Full Channel (up and down) (US$/min) US$29.80 

Validity rules have changed, validity is now dependant on the voucher.

PLEASE NOTE: Inmarsat have changed the validity on their prepaid plans, current plans are available whilst stocks last and cannot be be guaranteed until credit is loaded.

BGAN ServiceUnit PriceMeasure
Standard IP9.10per MByte
Voice Calls to fixed (Landline)1.00per minute
Voice Calls to cellular (Mobile)1.20per minute
Voice Calls to IsatPhone/BGAN/FBB/SBB0.76per minute
SMS0.50per message

2016 New Validity Periods

Voucher500 Units1000 Units2500 Units5000 Units
Validity180 Days365 Days

Background IP will have a minimum duration of 50 KB with billing increments of 10 KB
Voice will have a minimum duration of 30 seconds with billing increments of 15 seconds

BGAN Service Cont.Unit PriceMeasure
Voicemail1.00per minute
BGAN Streaming Services
Streaming IP 32 kbps3.60per minute
Streaming IP 64 kbps6.90per minute
Streaming IP 128 kbps12.00per minute
Streaming IP 176 kbps17.00per minute
Streaming IP 256 kbps20.70per minute
Streaming IP 384+ kbps (XStream)29.00per minute
ISDN7.00per minute
BGAN Voice to Other Satellite Services
Inmarsat B3.40per minute
Inmarsat M2.90per minute
Inmarsat Mini-M2.50per minute
Inmarsat GAN/Fleet/Swift2.50per minute
Inmarsat Aero Voice4.90per minute
Iridium Voice11.00per minute
Globalstar Voice11.00per minute
Thuraya Voice5.00per minute
Other MSS Satellite Carriers6.90per minute



Inmarsat Coverage Map
  • This map is illustrative of Inmarsat i4 coverage. It does not provide a guarantee of the extent of service availability. From November 2013, Alphasat coverage in the EMEA region prioritises the region north of 44°S, and service may degrade south of this latitude.
  • Customers are recommended to contact the Embassy or Trade Commission of any destination country, prior to entry into a country.


MSRP: $534.74
MSRP: $227.70
MSRP: $184.00