Pilot 32 -10 MByte Pilot 64 -10 MByte Pilot 128 – 0 MByte Pilot 128 -10 MByte
Line Rental per month* US$106 US$112 US$76 US$118
Connection Speed Cap 32 Kbps 64 Kbps 128 Kbps 128 Kbps
Inclusive MByte per Month 10 10 None 10
Additional Data per MByte US$10.91 US$11.51 US$14.69 US$12.12
Standard Voice Calls** ($/min) US$1.02
Calls to other Iridium phones ($/min) US$0.72
Calls to other satellite systems ($/min) US$11.00
Calls to voicemail ($/min) US$0.72
Connection Charge US$50
Minimum Term 12 Months
Contract termination notice 1 Month

*$5 per month discount for Automatic payment included

**Stardard Voice Calls are calls to any landline or mobile/cellular network.