Each of the networks offers its own particular suite of services.


For offices that make regular calls to Satellite phones, your office phone system can be configured to automatically route calls to satellite phones to provide our discount rates.

Available on the Iridium, Thuraya networks.

Crew CallingCrew Calling

This system is designed for a situation where a number of users need access to the Iridium phone, but without the risk of high costs for the bill payer due to unaccounted calls.

Available on the Iridium network.

Email CompressionEmail Compression

Sat email is a service that offers a more streamlined and efficient E-Mail system, allowing you to use your satellite phone for even more affordable data transfer.

Available on the Globalstar, Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya networks.

Global Scratch CardGlobal Scratch Card

Convenient prepay scratch cards allow metred and easily controlled quantities of discount calls to Iridium, Thuraya or Inmarsa from anywhere in the world.

Available on the Iridium, Thuraya networks.

Incoming Call Routing

Available on the Iridium network.

Landline to Satphone CallsLandline to Satphone Calls

To help save you money when calling from terrestrial lines to satellite phones, Satphone.co.uk offers several different ways to get cheaper calls.

Available on the Iridium, Thuraya networks.

UK Premium RateUK Premium Rate

No need to open an account, prepay or receive a bill. Pay just £1.50 a minute to call Iridium, Thuraya or Inmarsat.

Available on the Iridium, Thuraya networks.

Web Tracking

Track your movements across the world with this Smartphone and Iridium Extreme satellite phone compatible tracking service.
Prices Start from only $30 per device per month

Available on the Globalstar, Iridium, Thuraya networks.