What is firmware?

“Firmware” is normally a set of instructions which the handset requires in order to work.

Why does firmware need to be updated?

Firmware upgrades provide enhancements to the performance of the hardware and sometimes are mandatory in order for the hardware to work.

Examples of such improvements is the way the unit connects to the sattelite network, the way the unit utilises the capacity of the battery – often improving consumption, speeds up time it takes for the handset to register onto the network, etc.

Types of firmware upgrade

There are two types of firmware upgrade

1. Mandatory

2. Recommended


1. Mandatory firmware upgrades

Exactly like the name implies, mandatory firmware upgrade, are the upgrades that the hardware require to function

These types of upgrades are not to be disregarded otherwise the hardware may not function properly or at all.

2. Recommended firmware upgrades

They are normally improvements to the hardwares performance

How do I apply the update?

You can either follow the upgrade instructions on our website or get in touch and we can arrange it for you!